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We pair you with an experienced mentor who works with you to construct your internship goals and objectives as well as offer guidance throughout your assignment.

New graduates always seem to run into that familiar catch-22: To land a job, you must have experience.  You then wonder: “How will I get experience if no one will hire me?”  We’ve all been there.

An internship is a fast track to gaining the hands-on experience needed to jumpstart your career. In our global economy, interning abroad is a way to demonstrate a willingess to accept greater challenges and responsibilities.



You can intern simply for the practical experience or to earn credit toward your degree if you meet the following requirements:

  • Sixty hours (60) of college course credit.

  • Four-week minimum commitment. Some internships require a longer period.

  • Intermediate Spanish level is needed for most Latin America assignments.

  • Official “Certificate of Good Conduct” or official proof of “Lack of Criminal Record” from your local police department, county district clerk’s office, or equivalent law enforcement or government body.


Most of our volunteer placements in Central/Latin America and Africa can be converted into internships:



Email us the following documents so that we can locate and recommend and  suitable internship assignments that are in line with your goals and interests:

  • Transcript

  • College/University requirements

  • Resume/ CV


Note: Some projects might require a statement, written in Spanish, summarizing your reasons for interning abroad. Additionally, our in-country partners and/or the project might require an interview via Skype or similar video conferencing platform.

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